Have You Forgot The Size Of Memory?

 IBM 350 disk storage unit

IBM 350 disk storage unit – capacity 5 MB

Back in November I made a post about how computer memory had declined in price over the past 20 years (you can read it here).

Now I’ve come across another article showing a hard drive from 1956. Pictured right, is the IBM 350 Disk Storage Unit. It had the capacity of just 5 MB and had to be mechanically lifted on to an aeroplane it weighed that much.

I tried to see if it was even still possible to buy a 5 MB memory drive by doing a quick Google search. 128 MB was the smallest I could find and that was a memory stick for a camera. It has a size of about 2.8mm thick and weighs as little as 4 grams (Sony 128MB Memory Stick High Grade – MSH128.CE). Another good example of how quickly the computer industry changes.

The IBM history website has more on this mammoth machine¬† if you’re interested. I’m putting a challenge out there to anyone who can find a modern device with less data than I did. Post the link in the comments if you manage to find one.


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