Weekly Reflection – Week 11

I’ve had no formal lecture in week 11, instead as a group we critiqued each others medium fidelity mock ups we had done weeks earlier. I received mainly positive feedback in regards to me designs but I also got some criticism, which I understood and thought was valid. I did two designs for a mock children’s clothing company and you can see the result of the first design here, and the second one here. The criticism I received was in regards to my product listings pages, particularly on my second design. It was noted that I had obscured some of the categories of products which could make it hard for people to find. I hadn’t taken that into account when I first designed the page but it became totally obvious was it was pointed out. Going forward I think I really need to concentrate on the usability of my designs and to make sure users can find the information they need. If I were to redesign the product listings page I would do it vastly different. I’d make all the categories   visible, while not giving prominence to any individual category.

Having my work critiqued by other people has shown me that a fresh pair of eyes can pick up things you didn’t notice. In the future I’m going to apply this to other designs I do and let other people look at them before I finalise them. There is a certain level of pride involved with design work and because of this some people find it hard to take criticism, I would like to think I am not one of those people. I think as long as the criticism is  constructive then it will benefit the design in the end by allowing you to improve and refine what you already have .


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