Weekly Reflection – Week 9

Week 9 saw the introduction to web prototyping. Prototyping a website is the process of putting down you initial ideas quickly in a very rough format. This allows you to make changes easily and without much effort.

We devised mock up using the website moqups.com. Its a website that allows you to create visual web page mock ups quickly, using a simple drag and drop function. A series of pre-made objects, such as buttons and text input areas, allow you to apply different elements to you mock up. Although a simple tool, you can build a web page quickly and with little effort.

Although I found moqups.com easy to use I don’t think I’ll use it again. I felt as though it was actually hindering me rather then helping me. All the objects of the age are pre-made and so this restricted my imagination. For me just drawing by hand is much better because I’m not limited to what I can do and it allows me to go annotate my work. I can even write the code on the paper or make changes easily.

I understand the importance of prototypes. By doing one it gives you the opportunity to showcase an idea to someone or quickly get down what you’re thinking. They are certainly something I’m going to use because it will help me to identify the code I’m going to use and how to organise it. I still haven’t mastered coding from scratch so learning how to effectively prototype¬† has been beneficial to me


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