Weekly Reflection – Week 7

This we well delved further into CSS. I’m beginning to see how powerful it actually is.

We were given 4 paper website templates that we had to code into HTML and then add CSS elements. I annotated the papers with HTML a few weeks back and this week I wrote the CSS for one of them on the back of the paper. Once that was done I coded the website into Dreamweaver. To be honest even though CSS is still pretty new to me I found that once I started to code it out I could do it with little effort. I had already wrote it down on paper and I think this certainly helped me out. By handwriting it, it helped me to identify where to start and in what order to do things. When I moved on to one of the other templates that I hadn’t annotated with CSS I found it hard to work out a good structure to my code. I was uncertain of where to start and once I had put something down, then what to do next. I think to overcome this I should write it out on paper first. With the template in front of me I can quickly identify what needs to be done. This is something I’m going to do more often going forward. Print the page off and annotate it. Then once I’ve got the hang of how things should be structured then I’m sure I will find it easier to start coding right away.

So far this has been one of my biggest challenges on my course Its not the actual CSS code that I find hard but rather identifying a good working structure. I want my code to be neat and tidy and easy to understand. By keeping it that way it will put me in good practice and my work will be a better standard for it. I know now what I need to do though, write things out by hand before attempting to code them. That’s one positive thing I can take from this weeks learning because I know if I keep it up I will improve.


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