Me, Dreamweaver and a whole bunch of code

I started using Dreamweaver today for the first time. I like it! It’s got some nice little features, such as being able to have a split view with your code on the left and web page on the right. – A great resource for learning HTML and other web based languages.

I used w3shcool for help with learning some of the code. It’s a great resource! I encourage you to use it if you haven’t before and would like the learn HTML. I’ve used it briefly in the past and it’s always helped me. It doesn’t use jargon to confuse you or waffle on, its right to the point and informative. Another reason to use it is it lets you experiment and actually put the code into practice. I found its also very up to date with lessons in HTML5. HTML isn’t the only language it has lessons in, it also has them in CSS, JavaScript and other. Check it out by following the link here to the page – An interactive set of free lessons teaching you to code

Another site I used is Codecademy. This site has only been introduced to me today. Its an interactive tutorial website that’s free to sign up to and will track you progress. The signup process involved interacting with a online console which immediately taught me some very basic JavaScript. So needless to say, I was pretty impressed. It will even let you compare your learning to your friends. Now I cant see that really being a feature I will fully utilize but its interesting never the less. I haven’t really got much further with Codecademy just yet but I’m excited to see what it has to offer.

I tried looking for Dreamweaver tutorials online. Most of the things I come across were not based on CS6. The video I found at this link did show me how to insert images into my web page thought, That was the first video that shown up on Google, so you could argue that I need to delve a little bit deeper to find a really good resource. To be honest Dreamweaver itself does seem fairly straight forward in most areas, its the actual coding languages that I need to learn.

I’m going to get to Dreamweaver and see what stuff I can make it do. Let me know what you think of Dreamweaver and any of the resources mentioned in the comment box!


3 thoughts on “Me, Dreamweaver and a whole bunch of code

  1. I’m liking the post; but when you get a firmer knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript, move away from Dreamweaver and get onto Notepad++, coding everything from the top of your head makes you better 😀

    Nice read btw, w3schools helped me out a lot when I was first learning to code, it’s a god-send.

  2. […] learn some basic HTML to get me up to speed. I found some great resources that you can read about here. I have had brief experience with HTML so have some basic knowledge but could definitely improve on […]

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