Weekly Readings – Week 1

Each week as part of my course at Edge Hill University I will be given a reading list of books, journals and articles. These are for me to read through and discuss in class and on here.

Learning Web Design by Jennifer Niederst Robbins

This week I read a chapter in Learning Web Design by Jennifer Niederst Robbins. The chapter I read was titled How the Web Works. It provided a basic over view of the internet and the World Wide Wed. I was already aware and understood most of what was in the chapter but interestingly (or stupidly) what I didn’t know was that the internet and the ‘web’ are actually two different things. I’ve always just assumed that they were the same thing but with different names. Like cookie and biscuit for example. It turns out though that they actually have very different definitions. The internet is a network of computers connected together. Its not owned by an organisation, company or anyone for that matter. Whereas the World Wide Web is collection of information that is stored on the internet, so think web pages and the like. They are all linked together by hyperlinks, therefore creating a web.  The information on the web can be owed by an individual or group and can be protected by copyright laws.

Its funny that I have never known that. I always just considered the words to have the same definitions and one was just slang. I guess you learn something everyday.


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