My Work Space

I sat down tonight to do some work on my newly built chair at my newly built desk. I’d picked up a bargain at IKEA a few days ago and this was my first real time using them. It got me thinking about other work spaces that people use. My one is pretty humble to be honest and especially in comparison to some that I found online.

I came across The Vodafone office in Portugal which is particularly impressive, it looks like something from a film. The Google office in Zurich is totally insane. I’m not too sure I could work there, its just too much. My favorite has to beĀ Selgas Cano Architecture in Spain. It looks absolutely amazing and I would love to see all the different seasons through the year and how they chance the office.

If you’re interested in checking these out for yourself then follow these links to see some pretty amazing offices and work spaces

My work space at home. Humble I know, but amazing things can grow from small beginnings


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