Learning about HTML

The guys who also invented the LHC. Geniuses I tell ya!

See that guy up there? You have him to thank for WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Google, YouTube, everything in fact because he invented the internet. That’s Tim Berners-Lee and while working at CERN (the guys who also invented the LHC) in the late 1980’s he created the internet and paved the way for common standards of internet development we know today. Currently he runs the W3C or the World Wide Web Consortium as its more officially known. The W3C ensures the growth of the internet and develops guidelines to help others do the same.

It was when he was at CERN that he came up with the idea for HTML. In fact if you Google image search HTML the first thing that shows up is a picture of Tim. The idea for HTML was relatively small at first. All he wanted was to be able to share documents by placing links in other relevant texts. Little did he know that it would go on to become one of the main languages of the web.

While researching HTML I come across this brief history of Tim Berners-Lee, the internet and HTML. Click here to view it. That’s kind of funny because what I just did there  was exactly Tim’s original idea for HTML, like one text to another relevant one. Anyway, its an interesting read if you want a quick history and its well written.

Tim appearing first when HTML is Googled. Oh and don’t worry if you didn’t know who he was because neither did American TV network NBC when he preformed at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic games, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-19492087

I really enjoyed learning about Tim to be honest. He is quite and inspirational guy. He is very free thinking and innovative. I think he is certainly one of the most important individuals to be alive during my life time because it if wasn’t for him I probably wouldn’t be doing this right now or studying the web at university . He launched us years ahead of our time by allowing us to communicate in ways never thought possible. Just think about it for a second. Never been to Australia but what to know what its like, search it online, view picture, watch videos, read about it. Australia not far enough for you? What about the Moon or even Mars? The fact that you can go online and type a few simple words and be given a huge wealth of seemingly endless information about anything and everything is all thanks to Tim Berners-Lee. He brought us the dawn of the digital age.

HTML has certainly been a driving force for pushing the internet forward but not

Facebook iOS mobile project manager Mick Johnson:
“HTML5 is a technology that, while promising in the long run, isn’t able to deliver the type of speed and performance we expect right now. It’s a long bet, and something that Facebook aims to continue developing.”

everyone is happy with it. A lot of designers say it is weak because it lacks even basic formatting tools, such as page orientation and white-space control. And HTML has not always worked great either. I own and iPhone, I use it to go on Facebook because its easier then booting up my laptop whenever I want to check my notifications. When I first got my iPhone though, Facebook was a terrible experience. Notifications wouldn’t load properly, it felt very clunky to use and it would often crash. Why? Well it was wrote using HTML5, a currently under development revision of HTML. After a backlash from users they decided to drop the use of HTML5 for its mobile and app and totally rewrite the app using and native iOS language. You can find a link to the story that demonstrates the frustration of some users by clicking here but a quick Google search of ‘Facebook abandoning HTML5‘ will bring up a ton of stuff. Make sure you read the comments in the articles you find, then you will better understand how much people used to hate that app.

I’m glad I did some research on HTML, its shown me how fascinating Tim Berners-Lee is, who i think I’d like to do a bit more research about and I’ve also learned a bit of code. For instance, when I was writing this last little section WordPress decided that it didn’t want to let me have a new paragraph for some reason, it didn’t matter how many times i pressed enter, it wasn’t happening. So I went into the actual code of the blog and from my research I knew typing ‘<p>’ would give me a new paragraph and it worked. I’m not saying I’m now an expert on the subject now but if you do have any questions make sure you leave me a comment!


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