Getting to grips with CS6

Well I’ve gone and downloaded CS6 Web and Design Premium. I’m familiar with vector programs and image manipulation software but not so much with the Adobe stuff. I used to work for a leisure company in sales and marketing, long story short but I started designing all there leaflets one day. I just messed about at first and I got kinda good at it. Basically I was getting paid to play around and draw things all day. I always used the freeware stuff because I could never afford the pricey industry standard software and the company wouldn’t fork out for the good stuff, or allow me to use an illegitimate versions either. Inkscape, a vector program and GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) a poor mans Photoshop were the programs I would use.

If you find that you can’t afford CS6 either here is a link to both Inkscape and GIMP. Give them a try! They may not be the greatest but they’re free!


Now back to CS6. I’ve been aware of some tutorial websites for a long time because I used to try and replicate them in the freeware stuff. I’ve been using two sites and

PSD Tuts+ – Tutorial Website

PSD tuts+ is basically what it says on the tin, a tutorial website. It offers basic to expert tutorials on a lot of the Adobe programs, mainly Photoshop and Illustrator but it does do others like Dreamweaver too. I’ve actually started doing and intermediate tutorial on there and I plan to post the results once I finish, so keep your eyes peeled for that! The only downside to the site is the you do have to pay for some of the tutorials and its pretty advert intensive, not necessarily popups, but tons of annoying moving image often making the pages look cluttered. Not particularly great if your trying to concentrate.

Abduzeedo – Inspirational Blog

Abduzeedo is a slightly different site. It is a blog that was set up in December 2006 by a Brazilian designer called Fabio Sasso, the Senior Designer at Google. He hasn’t always worked at Google but good things can actually come from a good blog. What I like about it is that its not just full of tutorials but it also has interviews, case studies and inspirational work. Be warned though, the stuff they do on the blog, although highly impressive and often amazing, is expert stuff. If you a novice you may just want to take ideas for here rather then try to fully replicate things.

Thought I’d share these with you because they could help you if your looking for inspiration for a piece of work or may be struggling to use the software. Give them a look and let me know what you think in the comments section! And if you know of any other sites that would help please feel free to share those too.


One thought on “Getting to grips with CS6

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